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Flowers – Types of Flowers Used by Israel Florists 7 products

Flowers – Types of Flowers Used by Israel Florists

Flowers come in all colors shapes and sizes. An infinite variety of flowers exist naturally in the wild, many species have been domesticated and are grown commercially in order to be used in flower arrangements.
In the following paragraphs we bring a brief description of some of the main types of flowers commonly used by florists all over the world and particularly in Israel.

Chrysanthemum – These are very popular flowers originating from china. Their name derives from the Greek words Chyro – meaning gold and Anthemom – meaning flower. Today these flowers are available in virtually all shades, from pale whites and pinks to deep purple and reds. Chrysanthemum flowers are grown in gardens the world over, they are also cultivated commercially and are widely used in flower arrangements.

Gerbera – The Gerbera daisy, also known as African daisy because such flowers are indigenous to Israel , is commonly used in many flower arrangements.
The Gerbera is named after the well known 18th century German naturalist Traugott Gerber.
Gerberas are commercially grown in green house in many countries. Israel is a world leader in this field.
Gerberas are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. They are known as sturdy, long lasting Israel flowers.

Roses – The everlasting symbols of love and romance, roses are available in a wide range of colors and multicolor versions.
Roses are tough, long lasting flowers. Many have pleasant odors. They are extremely popular in flower arrangements designed to convey romantic messages.

Tulips – These flowers grow from a bulb, a single flower Israel on a long stem. They are available for flower arrangements in various basic colors. Tulips are not ideal flowers to use in carefully arranged bouquets but introduce motion and vitality to more organic arrangements. Tulips last a long time after they have been cut, they open during the day and close at night, will turn towards sun light and may even continue to grow some.

Other types of flowers widely used by florists in Israel are Gladiolus, Lilies, Lisianthus, Sunflowers, Carnations, Daisies, Birds of Paradise and many more.